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The Department of Civil Engineering at GCE Keonjhar was established in 2015 with and is renowned for imparting state of the art undergraduate education and producing high quality technical manpower needed by industry, R&D organizations, and academic institutions. Civil engineering is a wide-ranging profession, including several specialized sub-disciplines, its history is linked to knowledge of structures, materials science, geography, geology, soils, hydrology, environment, mechanics and other fields. Rapid industrialization and urbanization has given birth to challenging construction of skyscrapers, flyovers, long span bridges, atomic power plants, gigantic industrial complexes etc. With continued technological advancements, the scope of the Civil Engineering has further broadened and diversified into new areas such as Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Drafting, Offshore Technology, Earthquake Engineering, Robotic Construction, and Space Structures.

The departmental activities embrace Planning, Design, Construction and Management. The syllabi of the department have been tremendously augmented with many advanced courses.


To emerge as an internationally acclaimed Civil Engineering Department for imparting futuristic technical education and creation of vibrant research enterprise to create quality civil engineering and researcher.To build technocrats with capability of accepting new challenges of society by utilising technical knowledge in the civil engineering related fields.


The Department of Civil Engineering, GCE,Keonjhar strives to create values and ethics in its products by inculcating depth and intensity in its education standards and need based research throughout.

  • Participative learning in a cross-cultural environment that promotes the learning beyond the class room.
  • Collaborative partnership with industries and academia within and outside the country in learning and research.
  • Encouraging innovative research and consultancy through the active participation and involvement of all faculty members.
  • Facilitating technology transfer, innovation and economic development to flow as natural results of research where ever appropriate.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • To lead a successful career in industries or pursue higher studies or entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • To offer techno-commercially feasible and socially acceptable solutions to real life engineering problems.
  • To inculcate human concise and socially acceptable behavior in graduates, so that they can rightly understand the implication of technology on society.

Programme Outcomes (Pos)

  • Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to solve complex problems in civil engineering.
  • Ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex civil engineering problems using first principle of mathematics, basic science & engineering.
  • Ability to demonstrate their civil engineering knowledge and skill to assess legal environmental and cultural issues relevant to professional engineering practice.
  • Ability to design and conduct complex civil engineering experiments as well as to analyze and interpret the experimental data.
  • Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for relevant engineering practices.
  • Ability to assess impact of contemporary social issues on professional practice.
  • Graduates could visualize professionally as well as ethically as engineering solution for environmental issues taking into account sustainable development.
  • Ability to follow prescribed norms, responsibilities and ethics in engineering practices.
  • Ability to work effectively as an individual and in a team.
  • Ability to communicate effectively through oral, written and pictorial means with engineering community and the society at large.

Faculty Members

  • Er. Alok Patel
    Qualification: M.Tech Designation: Assistant professor (senior scale), Registrar In-charge Date of Joining: 03-08-2015 Mob: +91 7008 6792 87 E-mail:

    Area of Interest/ Research: Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction, Soil reinforcement

  • Er. Sitansu Kumar Das
    Qualification: M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering), NIT Kurukshetra.
    B.Tech. (Civil Engineering), VSSUT Burla.
    Designation: HOD, Civil Eng. Department Date of Joining: 14-03-2018 Mob: +91 8327753395 E-mail:

    Area of Interest/ Research: Traffic Engineering, Traffic Flow Modeling.

  • Mrs. Suman Dash
    Qualification:B.TECH (CET BHUBANESWAR)
    PhD (IIT BOMBAY) continuing
    Designation: Assistant Professor Date of Joining: 02-04-2018 E-mail:

    Area of Interest/ Research: Traffic flow modelling, Traffic flow theory,Pedestrian behavior analysis and modelling,Intelligent Traffic systems

  • Mr. Ajit Barik
    Qualification: M.Tech Designation: Guest Faculty, Civil Eng. Department Date of Joining: 05-12-2022
  • Mr. Nilgrib Mohanty
    Qualification: M.Tech Designation: Guest Faculty, Civil Eng. Department Date of Joining: 08-12-2022
  • Mr. Sarjati Sahoo
    Qualification: M.Tech Designation: Guest Faculty, Civil Eng. Department Date of Joining: 05-07-2022
  • Mr. Anindya Sundar
    Qualification: M.Tech Designation: Guest Faculty, Civil Eng. Department Date of Joining: 03-07-2022

Programme Offered

  • B.Tech (Civil Engineering)
  • Total no of Seats: 60

Under Graduate Programme

The Department offers a four-year B.Tech. programme in Civil Engineering in eight semesters. All programmes are accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

  • Name Er. Sitansu Kumar Das
  • Designation HOD
  • Qualification M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering)
  • Email
  • Phone +91 8327753395
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