Club Innovare

This club has taken an initiative towards imparting technical, communicative and innovative skills to students by organizing various completions. Visit the website for details:

Dance And Music Club

The aim of this club is to develop students who are sensitive, physically articulate and verbal communicators of the visual arts music and dance. The music club Cadence serves as a platform for musicians of all genres and skill levels to showcase their talent at various events held at GCE. Through music club events like Technical Fest, Dramatic Fest, Musical Fest etc. as well as key GCE events, dozens of musicians on campus get a change to bring the stage to life and to make the crowd go crazy with their awesome vocal and instrumental talent. Despite their hectic schedules, the musicians on campus come together and put up entertaining shows.

Robotics and Automation Club (RAW)

The aim of this club is to provide technical knowledge covering robotics and other electronics and automation related stuffs by organizing various workshop. It provides the platform to educate technology and its advancement, develop skills and convert innovative ideas into reality.

This Club is a community of students who derive pleasure in creating robots that may even be potent to work without human intervention. Each member of this family is provided insight into mechanical, basic electronic, monetary and informatory aid besides the indispensable guidance of experienced members. Club will support and foster interest in various aspects related to robotics, in particular, mechanical design through workshops and projects. Competitions of various levels will be held under this club which will develop your interest in Robotics.

Photographic Club (Foresight)

The Photography Club at GCE is a group of people who share a passion for photography and meet frequently to showcase and discuss new ideas and thoughts. The Club members are mostly Amateur Photographers who come together and help each other’s to learn the art of Photography, and Undertake Photography as an Interesting Hobby. Photography is our passion as well as a hobby. The club is run by a large number of students from all the departments who have shown creativity in the field of photography. This club especially helps the students:

  • To Develop Photographic Skills among the students.
  • To empower them to become young Short film makers, photographers.
  • To create an atmosphere for the students to discover, develop, deploy and express their creativity in Photo &video, capturing & editing skills.
  • To Provide & train Students in using Graphics & editing tools and software.
  • Photographs of all our College functions are taken by our club.
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